Which musician has been the most fun to produce? Which has been the biggest pain in the Arse?

Ott responded on 09/26/2011

Most fun was a thrash band called 'Septic Runt' back in about 1992. They turned up to the studio in a milk float [ ]

And paid for the session in 50 pence coins [equivalent to quarters] that they stole from a video arcade.

They drank themselves insensible, snorted piles of speed off the speakers and then played their album in one take in under an hour, stopping only three times while I changed the tape.

Then they fucked off to the pub while I mixed it and returned to collect their master accompanied by the police and the owner of the video arcade.

Total album cost = £160

The biggest pain in the arse was a band called James whose members variously spat a mouthful of piss over the mixing desk, punched my assistant unconscious, let off industrial fireworks at 4:00am causing neighbouring cows to stampede to their deaths and, to finish up, dishonestly took the credit for my work.

Total album cost = £250,000

Can you spot the pattern?

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