Cost or rarity aside, what would be your biggest 'dream purchase' piece of equipment for the studio?

Ott responded on 11/12/2011


That would be an SSL SL4000 G+.

When I was a freelance mix engineer the SSL 4000 series was my console of choice and I've wanted one of my own since I first used one in about 1992.

Introduced in 2000, the G+ was the best incarnation of them all, in my opinion. Sharper and cleaner than the E series but fatter and more rock'n'roll sounding than the later 9000 J series, the SL4000 G+ is ergonomically a joy to work on, with everything laid out precisely as it should be, and sonically unbeatable.

Downsides are that they cost an absolute fortune to maintain, generate loads of heat [and so require a lot of cooling] and suck up about £5000 a year in electricity.

But, if any of you are wealthy and wish to become a patron of the arts, I have deliberately left enough space in my new studio to fit in a 48-input frame - a stunning example of which can be found here:

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