If you had to pick just one, which track was the most fun to make? Which track was the most challenging to make? Which track would you define as your "capstone achievement"?

Ott responded on 12/05/2011

Most fun was probably 'Joyful Wonder'. It took two days from start to finish [which is ridiculously quick by my standards] and was inspired by the first joint I'd smoked in about four years. It's not the best mix I ever did but it has a great spirit and I love playing it live.

Squirrel and Biscuits was a bastard to get right. I did about 10 versions of it and ended up doing the final mix in 20 minutes before I left for the mastering session.

Also, an honourable mention goes to 'Neon Tetra' [Umberloid] for taking six solid weeks to mix.

The track I'm most proud of is 'Smoked Glass and Chrome' because it came out of nowhere and took me totally by surprise. I nearly didn't release it because I thought it was too sweet and syrupy - it reminds me of The Carpenters' 'Goodbye To Love'.

I don't think I'll ever better it.

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