How about "Neil Diamond or The Supremes in DUB"? Wouldn´t that be a challenge? What plans do you have with the guys from Twisted?

Ott responded on 12/14/2011

Neil Diamond in Dub would be incredible. As would Queen in Dub, Stevie Wonder in Dub, The Beatles in Dub or The Carpenters in Dub. These peoples' albums are littered with incredible sounds which would be a pleasure to sift through.

There are probably very few instances when I wouldn't leap at the chance of remixing an artist's back catalogue - as long as they left me alone to do what I wanted.

Twisted and I are discussing a Twisted in Dub album where I would take all the best tracks from Twisted's fifteen years and mince them up into a 72 minute flowing sound extravaganza. They're up for it and it really just depends upon me getting my studio finished in time.

Which reminds me - must go. These walls won't build themselves.

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