Hardware or software reverb? Do you usually apply it to your tracks as an Aux output? How do you keep it so clean sounding without it muddying up or deadening the instruments and overall mix?

Ott responded on 12/15/2011

I use very little reverb and if I do it'll be a spring, probably in mono. I have a collection of spring reverb devices each of which has a particular sound which lends itself to a particular role. So the AKG works best on drums and percussion, the Orban is great for synths and vocals and the Analogue Solutions I tend to use for whackier effects sounds as it makes everything sound like The Twilight Zone.

I also have a home-made Accutronics thing which I call the 'Wobblatron' which is built from two guitar amp reverb tanks and a cheap old Arion flanger pedal and that comes out when none of the others are hitting the spot.

Digital reverb sounds horrible to my ears and the more expensive the reverb the less I like it.

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