I see you in the credits on some shpongle records for editing and other production stuff. What exactly were some of your tasks on those albums? Also will you give us a full studio tour once its built?

Ott responded on 12/21/2011

I compiled two Shpongle albums - which means taking the finished tracks and editing them together to form the album flow. Simon asked me to do it because he felt he was too close to it all to be able to approach it with sufficient objectivity.

I got a crackly old Drawmer compressor from his rack as payment for one and my beloved old AKG spring reverb for the other.

I also played timbales on 'Beija Flor' and supplied the line 'That's SO weird!' in the song 'And The Day Turned to Night' which he lifted from his camcorder footage of us watching the solar eclipse in Cornwall in 1999.

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