how long did it take you to make "A nice Little Place"? and when was the last time you listened to it? ..its really peaceful, and literally takes me to a nice place, i only wished the song was longer.

Ott responded on 12/21/2011

"A Nice Little Place' started life as a drum and bass tune by my friend Naked Nick which he wrote in about 2007.

He brought it to my house in Spain and we worked on it a bit during 2008 and at some point one of us switched off the drums, leaving just the ambient sounds and synths. We both looked at each other and went "Ooh! That's a nice little place!"

When it came time to mix 'Mir' I asked him if I could finish it off and include it and he agreed so I spent another week or so adding synths and ambience and my wife and daughter singing songs and reciting poems through a vocoder.

All through that track there is a series of field recordings made by Nick and I on our worldly travels: you can hear them most clearly at the beginning and at the end but they re there all the way through.

The song starts off in Mumbai, India and then passes through Budapest, Hungary, Melbourne, Australia, San Francisco, USA and ends up in my kitchen in Devon, England via a firework display in Chagford.

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