Do you have any tips for remaining objective when writing a track? You said that you end up hating the track you're working on by the time it's finished. How do you motivate yourself to finish it anyw

Ott responded on 01/02/2012

Great question.

I think it is impossible to remain objective about a piece of music you have to listen to 500 times over and over.

Many people who make music end up with folders full of unfinished songs and nothing they're happy with. I found myself in that position toward the end of the 90s until, one day, I had the realisation that 90% of the energy expended in the making of a record has to go into the last 10% of the process. Tracks are very easy to start and fiendishly difficult to finish.

Since I realised this I have finished every track I have set out to finish and every one has been released.

What motivates me is the knowledge that, however painful and infuriating the process becomes, the frustration of not finishing is far worse, and the amazing feeling I get from finishing a track is one of the best I have ever had.

The only thing better than that is hearing it six months later when you're not sick of it and realising that it isn't total shit.

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