Thanks for the answer! The 2nd part to that question was, how do you stop yourself from endlessly changing things up 'cos you're bored with what's there, even if it's good? PS: Happy new year! =)

Ott responded on 01/02/2012

I know, it came through intact in my email but not on here.

Another important lesson for me to learn was that you have to make decisions and commit yourself as you go, rather than leaving everything to the end.

For example, in the days of four and eight track tape recording, the drums might have been recorded to ONE track of tape, which means that early on in the recording process a major decision would have to have been made about the drum sound and balance.

These days, by comparison, drums might be spread over 30 or more different 'tracks' - with some being generated live by various synths and samplers etc. This provides the option to be altering parts right up to the final mixdown which is an amazing facility but also a curse.

My strategy is to commit to a sound and bounce down to audio at the earliest opportunity, so that my 30 individual tracks of drums will probably end up reduced to three stereo pairs and a couple of individual tracks [kik, snr, etc] by mixdown.

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