Hey Ott, I'm also in the process of putting together my own studio and I was wondering if you knew much about studio monitors? I want something that's quality and completely flat, but still affordable

Ott responded on 01/02/2012

I'd be happy to share my opinions but in order to do that I need to know what you mean by 'quality' and 'affordable'.

Also, please bear in mind that no speakers are 'completely flat' and all colour sound in their own way. What matters is that they colour it in a way that makes sense to you and that can only be discerned by listening.

My main monitors are Yamaha NS10Ms powered by a Bryston 4B SST amplifier. I believe there is no better combination for recording and/or mixing.

I also have a set of Adam A7x active monitors which I am growing to like more and more as I learn what they are telling me.

Lastly I have a set of Yamaha NS40s powered by a Yamaha PS3500 amplifier with a Yamaha SW10 subwoofer. I use this combination mainly for frightening children.

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