What do you prefer drinking: water, beer or wine?
Any favourite meal or style? Asian, I reckon. Signals from Bob still gives me goosebumps. Ever seen any episode of "bottom" or the "the young ones"?

Ott responded on 01/19/2012

1. Water. I don't drink alcohol.

2. I love Thai food. I used to favour sushi but I recently decided to stop eating animal derivatives.

3. I saw every episode of 'The Young Ones' the first time round in 1982. I can vividly remember the day after the first episode at school, all my friends were going 'What the fuck was THAT?!!?" Easily the best TV series of the 1980s.

I have seen a few episodes of 'Bottom' but it didn't grab me as much, probably because I wasn't 14 anymore.

Adrian Edmondson is a near neighbour of mine. He lives just down the road with his missus, Jennifer Saunders.

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