How did you first meet and partner up with the various musians you've worked with over the years? Naked Nick? Chris Barker?

Ott responded on 01/30/2012

Chris Barker and I used to play in our first band when we were teenagers - from about 1986 to 1990. We lost contact after that and found each other again via a website called 'Friends Reunited' in about 2001 whie I was recording 'Hallucinogen In Dub' I invited him round and he ended up playing bass on 'Solstice [Warwick Bassmonkey Mix.]'

Naked Nick and I met at Buddhafield Festival in Devon in 2003. I was asked to play in the ID Spiral chillout tent and he was working there as a resident DJ. I started chatting up his wife and he appeared beside her as if to say 'What the fuck do you want?" We hung out later and have been best friends ever since. He and his wife are godparents to our daughter.

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