Dear Ott,what do you think about occupying wallstreet movement and the world's unfairness?THNX

Ott responded on 02/06/2012

I don't know what I think about the Occupy movement to be honest.

On the one hand American [and the Occupy movement is mostly a US phenomenon] society is pretty fucked up and protest is always a good thing.

On the other hand it strikes me that nobody was protesting when house prices were rising at 15% a year and banks were handing out money like it would never run out.

It seems people were happy to buy cheap, sweatshop-made clothes and shoes, drive around in horribly wasteful cars and trucks, throw out millions of tons of food and waste energy and resources like they own the planet but as soon as petrol goes up by 20c a gallon or food prices increase they're all out on the streets railing against OTHERS' greed and irresponsibility.

Something about it didn't sit well with me to be honest and I have the feeling that if everything went back to how it was nobody would be occupying anywhere.

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