What studio toys (synths, noisemakers, instruments, etc) do you have your eye on purchasing next?

Ott responded on 02/05/2012

My friend is selling a beautiful Tama drum kit which I would love.

I'm watching a pedal harmonium on eBay which is sticking around £85 with a day to go.

I'd like a sitar and a tampura.

An autoharp.

A spinet.

A Gaelic harp.

A Wurlitzer EP200 [ridiculous prices but a beautiful instrument]

I just got a mint Powertran Transcendent 2000 synth for £200 and I'm fishing for a Novation Supernova II - if the guy will accept my, frankly, derisory offer.

I've got way too much shit really but most of it is a way better investment than a BMW or a speedboat would be.

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