Hey Ott!

A gear question:

To perform a solo live show (just running Ableton/controller), do I need a mixer AND an interface to get my sounds to the speakers or only one of the two? I am confused...

Ott responded on 02/06/2012

Either approach is fine, although I like to have an analogue fader between me and the sound system because when digital equipment crashes it has a tendency to emit full scale [very loud] broadband digital noise and in that circumstance a digital fader [like those built into most interfaces] will not help you because it will most probably be disabled by the crash.

That, coupled with the fact that at most club gigs the soundman will piss off to the bar or out to the street for a smoke within two songs, means that you should have a foolproof means of reducing your volume within easy reach in case of emergencies.

I also like to have a rudimentary analogue eq between me and the sound system so, for me, a mixer is what I need.

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