Have any tips/advice for speeding up or smoothing the flow of the track creation process? Seems that a lot of time can be wasted fumbling around and not actually getting good work done in the studio..

Ott responded on 02/06/2012

Efficiency isn't necessarily my goal when creating music. I spend many studio hours staring blankly into space, playing Solitaire on my phone, reading Wikipedia articles on Rolls Royce aero engines and daydreaming about ladies' undergarments but that's ok if the 17 minutes of actual work I do that day results in a sound that 'sticks'.

Other days I do many hours of diligent programming, editing and playing, only to delete it a day later for being uninspiring shit.

What you call 'fumbling around' others might call 'experimentation' and, unless you are trying to make predictable, formulaic music, experimentation is essential.

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