Ever considered writing production tutorials? I'd pay good money to read your advice on recording/producing, and give my back teeth to spend a day in the studio with you.

Ott responded on 02/08/2012

Most production tutorials I have watched and read just seem to oscillate between the blandly obvious and the plainly ridiculous.

The Steinberg Mixing tutorial DVD I watched featured a person I have never heard of, who had not mixed anything I had heard of, whose approach to just about any mixing problem was to insert a 'stereo enhancer' and crank up the width. I spent 90 minutes staring incredulously at the screen shouting "Shut up you knob!"

It would be very difficult to write a 'production tutorial' which wouldn't just push people into imitating the sound of the writer - which is no good to anyone.

My tutorial would just be "Do stuff until it sounds good and then move on. Don't be scared, there is no wrong or right."

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