If you had to produce your next album with only didital instruments, synths or samplers, do you think it could still sound as your previous releases?

Ott responded on 02/10/2012

I wouldn't have a problem writing and recording an album entirely digitally - I use a lot of digital instruments - about 50/50 - and I don't believe the analogue stuff sounds inherently superior.

I do prefer an 'analogue' interface - dedicated knobs and buttons etc - but the [digital] Korg Legacy MS20 with the dedicated controller is every bit as good as any analogue synth I own and, in a few respects, better. I use it as readily as any of my analogue synths and it is probably the most used synth on 'Mir'.

Where I find the digital domain lacking is with mixing - I have tried many times to mix tracks entirely digitally ['in the box'] and every time I have ended up scrapping the mix and switching my analogue mixer on. It's a sonic thing and it's an ergonomic thing for me.

Mixing with a mouse and screen is boring and clinical and uninspiring to me and I prefer plugging in boxes with wires and turning gain knobs up until the sound gets 'exciting-er'.

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