Do you apply audio effects (phaser, chorus, glitch, etc) pre or post 'sound commitment'? Does your mixing phase only consist of basic pan, compress, EQ, etc; or do you add audio effects at this time?

Ott responded on 02/13/2012

If the fx are integral to the sound then they go down with it. If a sound comprises a synth or a vocal through a filter and/or phaser or something I'll print it with that.

If the effect is just a generic spatial thing like a panning delay or a general reverb applied for monitoring purposes I won't print those as these are things I will almost certainly want to adjust later.

The subject of committing sounds to audio is one which appears to crop up a lot and the idea seems counter intuitive to people raised on unlimited soft synths, but to those of us who learned on finite numbers of synths with a tendency to randomly forget their settings, constantly go out of tune or just simply break down the practice of capturing entire sounds is second nature.

Experimentation is good but sometimes you just need to put the food on a plate and serve it up.

When mixing I do whatever it takes to make the track sound good.

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