How did the adventure with 'Mir' on bandcamp turn out? Can you say anything about how many payed downloads you had? Also: is this new studio a result of the bandcamp adventure?

Ott responded on 02/21/2012

It turned out very well. I really enjoy the feeling of connectedness I have with the people who buy my music via Bandcamp. Each CD is put into a Jiffy bag, labelled and stamped in my dining room. It feels like a proper cottage industry.

All of the money from Bandcamp sales is going directly to the studio build - it feels kind of 'right' to do it that way.

I don't actually know how many downloads have been bought but sales have been consistent and in sufficient volume to reflect the work that went into the album.

It has been very encouraging to discover that people still value music and don't just regard it as data to be sucked up in bulk from Torrent trackers.

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