The EMS2000 sounds like a gem. How did you come to own it? Other than vocals, what other sounds did you process through it for Mir? Know of any acceptable software or cheap(er) hardware vocoders?

Ott responded on 02/25/2012

I have a great love of vocoders.

The EMS System 2000 is widely regarded as the best [most musical] vocoder ever made although some prefer the Roland SVC 350 and others the Syntovox. The Moog is also quite lovely. Avoid the Sennheiser.

I use it on loads of things, not just traditional vocoder sounds. It has mic preamps built-in which I use for recording percussion with the vocoder in bypass.

I bought it from Vince Clarke in about 1993 and I've used it on every track I've done since.

Best plugin vocoder I've found is the Waves Morphoder but there are loads of others that will give you results.

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