How, if at all, has your work flow changed from Hallucinogen in Dub to Mir? What are some things you wish you'd known back then that you know today?

Ott responded on 02/29/2012

It's not so much knowledge as technological advances that have altered my working method since then.

'Hallucinogen In Dub' was made on a home built Pentium III 500mhz with 500mb ram and 50gb hd running Windows 98. Because of the weediness of the computer and the general crapness of plugins in 2000 - 2001 I used very few softsynths or plugin effects and relied heavily on my hardware devices and a Soundscape SSHDR1 harddisk recorder and an Akai DR16 for audio recording.

'Mir' was done 80% 'in the box' with just the mixing performed in the analogue domain. The mix of softsynths/hardware synths was about 50/50 and the mix of plugin effects about the same.

The next album will be completely non-Windows and I just have to choose which hardware platform upon which to run Mac OSX.

I'm highly resistant to dropping £5k on a Mac Pro which will be obsolete in two years and I'm probably going to build a Hackintosh and donate the rest to Simon Posford's gender-reassignment fund.

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