ott, where is your favorite city to play? and what was your favorite set you can remember.

Ott responded on 03/02/2012

Impossible to have a favourite city. Chicago is always a good night out and I'm always sorry to leave Vancouver.

Favourite ever set was Samothraki 2003 - my first ever paid DJ set.

It was on a beach on a beautiful Greek island in high summer at 8:00am. The morning sun was glinting across the Aegean, the air smelled of incense and weed and a beautiful girl had just brought me a cup of fresh chai.

All I had to do was stand there playing my favourite records for two hours and they'd give me money, a hotel room and an aeroplane ticket.

I had the sudden realisation that this was the best job ever.

I discovered years later that my wife-to-be was in the audience but was too shy to introduce herself and didn't want to look like a groupie.

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