Mixer pt2: Any personal recommendations on a solid entry-level compressor, reverb, phaser, and delay hardware units? Can't thank you enough for the bits of advice. I've only done itb music for years.

Ott responded on 03/03/2012

Don't get carried away with buying loads of bulky, expensive shit, it won't make your music any better.

Bear in mind that I started doing this in 1983 when eight track tape and crappy Studiomaster mixers were state-of-the-art for home studios. If I'd grown up with unlimited 44.1/24 audio tracks and plugin fx and synths I'd probably be working entirely ITB right now. I only use this shit because it's what I know.

There are hundreds of records recorded and mixed ITB which sound way better than anything i've done so please guard against building a clone of my studio and expecting your records to sound like mine. They won't.

Follow your instincts, test out gear with your own ears, buy only what you can afford and don't rely too heavily on the opinions of 'experts'. Nobody knows how your music should sound better than you.

And never forget, there have been thousands of shit records made in million dollar studios and thousands of great ones made with only a modest PC and a good idea.

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