Mixer3: not to sound better or "like ott". It's more of a hands-on thing, less mouse clicking. Just looking for suggestions in a vast sea of equipment as it's harder to 'try before buy' most hardware.

Ott responded on 03/03/2012

Most of my gear is dusty old shite from the bottom of peoples' racks. I use what I have but none of it is really chosen because its good. I use it because it is what I have.

My drums always go through a Behringer Composer [MkI, bought in about 1995 before the build quality turned completely to shit.] It does something indefinable to transients.

For bass I always use a Drawmer LX20 - you can pick them up for $50 on eBay if you're tenacious enough.

I did treat myself last year to an SSL X-rack with four SuperAnalogue EQ modules and four dynamics modules and they do incredible things to drums.

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