Hi, although you don't make "dance" music, what are your feelings on the acid house / rave scene of the late 80s & early 90s and the cultural impact it made? And any personal influence it had on you.

Ott responded on 03/13/2012

It took a few invites to get me out to my first proper rave but it only took one party for me to completely get it. It's a period I am very happy to have lived through and every time I hear 'Voodoo Ray' I still get a flush of adrenalin and a glimpse of the future.

The main cultural effect was that it made psychedelics fashionable again after a decade of coke and booze. Men who would previously have spent their weekends beating the shit out of each other at football matches were now hugging total strangers in the fields of rural England every Saturday night.

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