You often indicates an album of "The Scientist" as favorite music. We about Lee Scratch Perry (Black Ark Studio) ?

Ott responded on 03/13/2012

I became aware of Lee Perry through On-U-Sound in the early 90s so he'll always be associated with that period with me.

I do like his earlier records but they tend to be a bit rough and ready on the audio front.

Scientist records always sound utterly perfect.

Line up one track each by Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Prince Far-I. Listen to them carefully, enjoy them.

Then put on ANYTHING by Scientist and marvel at the effortless way in which he kicks everybody's arse.

Pristine, technically perfect and with a poetry in the arrangements. The way he weaves the elements together and creates a unique performance with every mix - it really is very graceful and lyrical.

I'd settle for half his talent.

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