You always mention drinking tea but what is your favorite tea? Do you drink coffee as well?

Ott responded on 03/16/2012

I like Assam.

I got into coffee because I was working abroad a lot and I discovered that, once you leave the British Isles, enthusiasm for tea with milk declines sharply.

It was a trip to Italy [Sonica Festival 2009] that did it for me. After hating coffee all my life I randomly ordered a cappuccino in a cafe one day - and was carried along on a wave of caffeine-induced euphoria for an hour afterwards. As soon as we got home I bought an espresso machine.

I should add that, until about 1984, 'coffee' in Britain meant a teaspoon of Nescafe instant coffee powder in a mug of hot water with a splash of milk. Ugh.

Then, in the late 80s, we discovered filter coffee and that didn't grab me either.

It's only since the recent rise of Starbucks and Costa that proper espresso coffee has taken off back home. I have the Starbucks app on my iPhone and I always feel like I'm sucking Satan's cock when I use it - but their coffee is consistently drinkable.

Grande soya latte, nothing added.

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