jack's cheese and bread snack. when was the last time you played that track?

Ott responded on 03/17/2012

I always play it in DJ sets but I don't have the parts separate enough to be able to do it live. It was done back in the days before I gave a shit about archiving songs properly so it only really exists as a stereo master.

I don't think I even saved the Logic files after it was done and if I did they were lost three computer upgrades ago.

On the other hand it is nice to know it is unique and I can never be tempted to go back and fuck it up. It's one of my favourites actually.

Best moment of Blumenkraft is the bit on 'Jack's...' where the guitars come in - at about 2:43 on this version:

They were played by a guy called Steve Hunt who I'd never met but who sent me the parts over the internet.

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