You were amazing in Denver! Dunno if you keep set lists, but the track you played after squirrel & biscuits was transcendent and gorgeous, and I didn't recognize it from previous albums. What was it?

Ott responded on 03/20/2012

That's called 'Joyful Wonder' and it appeared on a Twisted Records compilation called 'Backroom Beats 2'.

I wrote, recorded and mixed it in two days - which is phenomenally fast for me - after smoking my first joint in three years one sunny afternoon in 2002.

The mix on the released version is a bit shit* but I've learned to live with it. The live version is much chunkier with a Kaoss Pad solo in the middle.

I keep meaning to drop it from my set because I've played it at every gig I've ever done but it is one of my favourites to play live so it stays.

*Having listened to the HD version on YouTube I realise it doesn't sound too bad. Obviously just me being a drama queen.

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