Let's say you work out a satisfying synth patch. You develop a MIDI sequence in your DAW to trigger the synth, and bounce to audio. Do you keep the MIDI for possible future alterations? If so, where?

Ott responded on 03/20/2012

I have an incremental saving method which means I never save over a Cubase [or whatever] project.

So my Cubase project is saved as 'New_Tune1.CPR', then 'New_Tune2.CPR', 'New_Tune3.CPR' and so on.

It means at the end of a song I have maybe 250 incremental Cubase projects saved but as they're only 2mb each this isn't a problem on a 2tb disk.

The first thing I do after bouncing a sound to audio is "Save as..." 'Growly_Synth.CPR' or whatever, delete all of the elements which make up that sound and "Save as..." again as the original project name but with the next number, in this case 'New_Tune4.CPR'.

In the unlikely event of not being happy with what I bounced I always know I can go back and find the saved arrangement with the parts all in place, make changes, re-bounce and then re-import the new bounce into the arrangement which may be three days further on.

It has never happened yet but knowing it can be done makes it easier to move on with confidence.

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