could you post the john sayer´s link about your studio build? it´s really interesting to know how is going. thanks a lot for share all your knowing.

Ott responded on 03/21/2012

Actually I found that site much more useful to read than to write on.

I wrote 2000 words of detailed description about my project and I got a few replies about stuff that wasn't really relevant to me from people who seemed more intent on maintaining their position of authority on their forum than actually imparting any useful information.

It is a great source of information, don't get me wrong, but only as a repository of data, not as a two-way conversation.

I never went back and updated my posts so what you have read is all there is.

I will be uploading some more pics to my website and Facebook page soon and describing where I'm at and what I've [we've] done.

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