Thickie question: WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU PERFORM LIVE? Not just you... anyone who plays this sort of music live: what's going on behind that desk? How do you put it all together, what are you doing?

Ott responded on 03/22/2012

I don't know what anybody else is doing. Most are just playing back stereo tracks and miming on a midi controller as far as I can tell.

My songs are split into elements inside Ableton Live - drums, bass, and two stereo submixes of the remaining elements. They are also split into musical sections of varying lengths.

I have various effects configured inside the laptop and all of this is controlled with an Akai APC40 Ableton Controller. I also have two Kaoss Pads and a Kaossilator [soon to be two] which I use to trigger live synth sounds and generate effects through which I pass the laptop outputs.

The result of all this [aside from a diagnosed hernia] is that I can deconstruct my songs and improvise over sections meaning that they are never played back the same way twice.

I don't tend to stray too far from the original arrangements as there is an optimum way for the song to fit together but I do have quite a bit of scope to shape the songs to fit my mood at each gig.

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