Have you seen the new Kaossilator and MiniKP2?! What do you think?

Ott responded on 03/24/2012

Yes and I'm getting them without needing to hear them.

Korg are on fire at the moment with the Monotribe and the Monotron collection. They're all so good and so cheap that it's almost ridiculous not to own them.

I just got the Kaossilator iPhone app and it is stupendous. Chris Umberloid and I spent an hour jamming on our iPhone Kaossilators synced via WIST [Bluetooth] and frankly I was amazed something so good could be so inexpensive.

Then there is the iMS20 which, if you have an iPad, there is no almost excuse not to get.

Yamaha have always been a bit boring, Roland made some of the finest synths ever made in the 70s and 80s but Korg have been consistently the more interesting company and while Roland seem to be knocking out crappy digital synths with names reminiscent of their glory days [Jupiter 80, SH-201, MC-303] Korg seem to have their fingers very much on the pulse of the experimental electronic music scene.

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