Is the mixing process 'streamline' to you now? Do you know EXACTLY which knobs/parameters to turn to get the sound tweaked? Or is it still a 'stumbling struggle' to get the mixing tools to work right?

Ott responded on 03/24/2012

No, I'm completely confident I know how to get the result I'm looking for. The tools are effectively invisible to me at this point and I expend little effort 'stumbling'.

The process remains time-consuming because I am driven to try every possible permutation of available colours to be sure I have chosen the best combination. I can't settle on (A) without running through (B-Z) first.

The engineering part is completely second nature and manipulating sound to me now is like driving a car. I don't need to consider each individual action to get where I need to be.

99% of the effort goes into finding and moulding the musical and stylistic ideas and making disparate elements function together as a cohesive whole.

Arranging makes me sweat.

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