Mixing pt2: So how long (years?) do you suppose it took to become fluid & 'streamlined' with mixing protocols? Were you comfortable with all the tools by the time InDub/Blumenkraft were being made?

Ott responded on 03/31/2012


In 1990 I started working as a freelance recording engineer and between then and 2000 I spent virtually every day recording and mixing bands of every possible description [most of whom you will never hear or hear of] and recording my own music.

If you do anything that intensively for that long it will inevitably become second nature.

Having a tangible skill is a something I'm most proud of and I always admire people with skills different to mine.

My neighbour is a carpenter and the standard of her work is mind-blowing. When she uses a chisel or a saw she is not thinking about the tool - it becomes an extension of her.

When I record great drummers or guitarists I never fail to be blown away by the way they seem to become part of their instruments.

That's how my mixing desk feels to me.

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