Could you tell us some of the thoughts going through your head as you were creating 'Squirrel and Biscuits'?

Ott responded on 03/26/2012

I wanted to make something big and dumb like a tank trying to knock your house down.

My basslines always tend to be quite smooth and melodic so for once I wanted to do something with a one note bassline played on a rough, ugly sound.

It started life as an idea for the Umberloid album that never got made and I liked the feel of what I had so I recycled it for 'Mir'.

It was probably one of the hardest songs to get right. I mixed it nine times and played it live in its various incarnations many times before it was released and it is unique in that respect.

Each time I mixed it it sounded too polite and subtle so I kept adding more and more layers to the drums and re-worked the bass sound until I felt it sounded like an ogre trying to escape from a shipping container.

I really love it and look forward to playing it live. It's a weird tempo [85bpm live] and it always seems to throw people a bit when it first drops but most seem to get it by the time the girl vocals appear.

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