Assume you have a drum-machine/daw for making beats: If you had to pick between ONLY using acoustic instruments, or ONLY using electronic synths (no 'samplers') for the rest of your life. Which one?

Ott responded on 03/27/2012


The pleasure of recording a great instrument in a great space with great mics and played by a great musician is incomparable.

Recording a good drummer on a good kit in a good room is probably the most fun I can have fully clothed.

But fiddling with synths is the flip side of that; almost the complete opposite and so equally absorbing.

But synths are too 'synthy' without an acoustic instrument to offset them and guitars are too organic without a filtered oscillator juxtaposed against them

Synths without acoustic instruments would be like sushi without soy and wasabi.

Acoustic instruments without synths would be like toast without butter, or tea without milk.


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