Hi Ott, I love your use of the Rhodes piano. Do you use an actual one or is it a program?

Ott responded on 03/27/2012

I use the AAS Lounge Lizard EP3. It is a work of absolute genius.

I would love to own a Wurlitzer EP200 but they go for silly money these days and most of the good ones show up in the USA. I am very reluctant to spend $2000 on a fragile antique and then have it shipped 5000 miles in a box. They are very difficult to tune and a journey like that would be bound to take its toll.

Also, sonically the Lounge Lizard can do things that a real Wurlitzer couldn't do.

If ever one showed up on eBay near enough to my house and at a reasonable price I would jump on it.

One of the few material things I genuinely desire - along with the SSL 4000 G+ and the Porsche 911 Turbo II.

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