You said you were fired from all the regular jobs you had. Can you tell about that? It would make you seem more human :) I just lost my own job so I'm hoping for a funny story to cheer me up. Thnx:)

Ott responded on 04/11/2012

I left school at 15 in 1984 with no qualifications and got a job moving furniture with a removals company.

I was made redundant in early 1985 as that company started to go bust and between then and 1990 I got fired from 25 different occupations, mostly for being lazy and disinterested.

Some of these were:

Hotel porter.
Assistant manager of Tandy (UK name for Radio Shack)
Contact lens polisher.
Ice cream seller.
Motorcycle courier.
Van driver.
Builder's labourer.
Floor layer.
Assistant in photography shop.
Paint sprayer.
Night watchman.

Every time I got fired it was the best feeling I'd ever had and always turned out to be a positive event, looking back.

Being unemployable is probably the thing in life I am most grateful for. No amount of money is a good trade for spending nine hours of every day doing something I don't love and I'm certain that when I'm old and dying I won't look back fondly at all the credit card payments I made on time.

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