Doepfer question: Did you buy individual modules and build it yourself, or was it a prebuilt unit? Have you since added modules? Which filter units do you have; whats your impression of each?

Ott responded on 04/06/2012

I bought the original setup as the standard 6u model that Doepfer sell but with no midi and a VCR phaser module instead. I added another 6u of modules myself over the next few years and in 2006 I bought another complete 12u rig from Tristan (DJ) who needed the space after his daughter was born.

I have two each of the A-120, A121, A-122, A-123, A-125 and A-128 and the A-129 vocoder subsystem.

The A-121 mulimode is my favourite all rounder and it gets used 90% of the time.

To me they're really all just filters. They're not that interesting in isolation.

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