What are the top 4 biggest/easiest mistakes people tend to make in the studio? ('mistake', being a relative term...) What's the best solution to fix the mistake?

Ott responded on 05/09/2012

I don't know about anybody else's mistakes but mine were:

[In reverse order:]

4. Cocaine. I was young, it was abundant. The conversation was insufferable and the record sounded fucking terrible.

Solution: Just say no, kids.

3. Becoming convinced that my tune is shit at the end of a 16 hour session and deleting loads of parts.

Solution: Go to bed you fuckwit.

2. Getting wrapped up in the moment and forgetting to save.

Solution: Get into the habit of saving every time you find yourself thinking 'Wow! This is great!"

1. Fear of commitment. Trying to leave every decision until the end of the process.

Solution: It sounds great. Bounce it down.

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