Whenever it comes up, you seem to shy away from discussing microphone/preamp equipment and techniques...any particular reason? Is it just a null discussion, or do they scare you?? o_O

Ott responded on 05/09/2012

Microphone preamps are boring. People fetishise them and project all kinds of magical powers onto them - mainly on Gearslutz.

Microphone preamps are definitely *not* where the magic happens.

Microphones are very slightly more interesting but they are still just transducers and transducers are not interesting. I've used $20,000 microphones and I've used $50 microphones and guess what? I've recorded more great takes with a Shure SM57 than I have with a Calrec Soundfield.

My technique for placing microphones is to point them at the source and listen. If it sounds good record it and move on. If it doesn't, move it somewhere else. If it doesn't sound good anywhere, change it for another. Do this until you hear what you like.

Anybody who tries to tell you there is any more to it than that is a bullshitter.

Any recording is 99% source, 0.6% microphone and 0.4% preamp.

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