(This ? might have double posted): Which piece(s) of music equipment is the cheapest yet most used/useful in your studio? Which is the most expensive yet unused/useless?

Ott responded on 05/12/2012

I don't have much expensive equipment and everything gets used. I'm very careful about what I buy because it is easy to end up with the same gear as everybody else and things start to sound a bit homogenous.

The Doepfer could be considered expensive if you add it up but because I have built it up over fifteen years it feels more like a collection of devices costing £75 each rather than one expensive machine. And it gets used a lot.

Probably the cheapest, most used thing is my Drawmer LX20 compressor. I was given it for doing a bit of editing on a Shpongle record and I have used it many times on every track ever since. It is a magic thing, probably broken in some way but unmistakable. I bought another but it doesn't sound the same.

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