There's a lot of people out there with just a computer trying to make songs. I see that you use a lot of hardware too, so, what in your opinion are the areas in which computer cant surpass hardware?

Ott responded on 06/10/2012

For me it is purely down to ergonomics.

Virtual synths sound fantastic and offer many advantages over external hardware synths - like multiple voices, total recall, the ability to run as many instances as your computer cpu allows.

But most share one significant disadvantage which is that you have to edit them with a mouse and keyboard. Adjusting 'analogue' synth parameters with a mouse is like trying to peel an orange with chopsticks.

Assignable midi controllers help to a degree but the fact that they tend to be laid out rather generically means that using them to control a synth with 60 parameters can be a bit unintuitive.

The Korg Legacy MS20 controller proves this point perfectly. It offers genuine one-knob-per-function control of the MS20 plugin so that you don't even need to have the plugin window open to use it and although you are hearing a plugin the experience of using it is just as satisfying as using a 'real' MS20.

It's all over 'Mir'.

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