Could you recommend a good pick for a first analogue synth. Not neccessarily for a learning beginner but just a good starting point for a piece of non-digital, non-plugin gear

Ott responded on 06/18/2012

A Roland SH-101 is an excellent place to start. They are all antiques now, though, and despite excellent build quality could need a bit of care and attention.

The Arturia Mini Brute looks interesting although not having used one I can't comment authoritatively.

Depending on your budget a Doepfer A-100 base system would be a great introduction to modular synths or if you're less affluent their Dark Energy is brilliant and expandable.

If you're not set on loads of real knobs I can heartily recommend the Dave Smith MoPho. It's cheap, flexible, sounds *amazing* and if you don't mind using a software editor to edit your sounds it is pretty unbeatable for the money.

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