Why don't you use headphones?

Ott responded on 06/22/2012

I don't really have much use for them.

My hearing is a little damaged but in different ways in each ear - my left ear has no midrange and my right ear has no top end - so I find the effect of having music piped directly into my skull a little strange.

The stereo image seems skewed and I tend to make unnecessary adjustments to compensate.

As a workaround I spend most of my time listening in mono or on small speakers a long way away, to one side or the other. This minimises the distraction.

A few people have commented that when making mix decisions I tend to cock my head to one side or the other and that is me taking advantage of the different frequency responses of each of my ears.

When I mix everything is panned to the centre until the last minute when I quickly spread stuff about as required.

Mastering engineers have pointed out I tend to mix in 'wide mono'.

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