What is the funniest thing you've seen, heard, or experienced this past week?

Ott responded on 07/02/2012

The waiter at the Star restaurant in Çesme, Turkey, pulling my daughter's loose front tooth out for her while we were having dinner there this evening.

She's five. She showed him her wobbly tooth, like kids do, and he said "I pull it out for you". She nodded her approval.

We thought he was joking but he gently reached into her mouth, took her wobbly front tooth between his thumb and forefinger, twisted and pulled really quickly and it was out.

She laughed, I was shocked and he triumphantly retrieved the tooth from under the table and gave it back to her.

How's that for service?

[We got our own back by leaving a 100 Lira tip - much to his surprise.]

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