Do you have a preferred order for applying effects? When I am going to add e.g. timestretch or delay to a sound I am never sure whether to sort the compression and EQ first or save till the end.

Ott responded on 07/19/2012

How can you 'sort' the compression and EQ until you know what you have?

Timestretching a guitar loop might transform it from being a bit muffly and dull to being quite harsh and spiky.

I try not to think of each sound as existing in isolation and each process as distinct and separate.

Moulding sound is a holistic process with each iteration affecting the next and the previous. Adding delay to the guitar might make the drums sound muffled and compressing the bass might make the the piano sound hollow.

In order to make sense of a multitrack recording you need to be able to hear macroscopically and microscopically and consider every element simultaneously.

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