Would you consider doing a 100% analogue album?

Ott responded on 07/28/2012

I have often considered it purely for the challenge but it would require a fair bit of outlay on equipment to do properly.

I have all the analogue instruments and outboard I would need - aside from my computer my studio gear is about 80% analogue anyway - but in order to make an album I would need some kind of analogue multitrack and an analogue mastering machine.

For a multitrack I would choose a Studer A800 with a 2" 16-track headblock and for mixdown I would want an Ampex ATR100 1/2" machine. You can't just rent them and to buy you're talking about tens of thousands, if you can find them at all.

The other main issue, apart from finding well-maintained machines would be sourcing good quality tape stock as the larger manufacturers have ceased production and what you can buy these days is of varying quality.

Ultimately, though, a record isn't about the equipment. Nobody really cares what gear you use as long as the songs are good, least of all me.

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